We make delicious, home-style, North-Indian food (mostly Punjabi) for our daily lunch patrons.

See Our Mouth-watering Food Diary for a glimpse of what you can expect everyday from us!

Your lunch bag has 5 phulkas, sabzi, dal, a little rice and either salad or lassi or raita. You can order meat dishes on days of your choice.

Our Trial Week Offer starts at Rs.400 for five days! Whatsapp us on 9840226004 to book your trial today!

For dinner we offer our patrons a pan-Indian food experience including indochinese cuisine and we make it from only the freshest produce in the market everyday.

See what we are cooking every day in our food diary!


You can choose from a big basket of Indian breads from phulkas, parathas, chappatis, puris to aloo, gobhi, mooli and methi parathas.

For our sabzis and dals we pick from a wide variety of lentils and seasonal vegetables with something different every day of the week so you’ll always keep tasting something new.

Dal and Sabzi menus: yummy choley, rajma, akkhi moong, masoor ki dal, chana dal, toor dal, mixed dal, baingan ka bharta, aloo gobi, matar, methi, palak, thinda, gajar methi, bhindi, matar paneer, palak paneer and other paneer dishes, bhopla chana, french beans and everything else we can find fresh on the day.

You can have meat dishes every day or on days of your choosing. All meats are bought on that day fresh.

Meat menu: homestyle chicken curry, mutton curry, butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, mutton do piyaza and mutton chops of course, but we also like trying out a few recipes from around the world like chicken grilled kababs, pepper chicken, ginger chicken a la indochine, chelow kabab, Thai red chilli chicken, creamy chicken stew and a few more.

Call us to customize your meal to your needs on 9840226004 .


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